Wilo in Wiggle World

Texas Wasp Moth

I want to see this in real life wtf


Texas Wasp Moth

I want to see this in real life wtf


"Sup bro?" Just a little human to tarantula fist bumping, to prove the existence of interspecies bromance. 


"Sup bro?" 

Just a little human to tarantula fist bumping, to prove the existence of interspecies bromance. 



hey, remember me?

I’ll keep this short and sweet! I’m relaunching my patreon for this project! what’s that? it means you can help me draw pokemons!

you can donate any dollar amount with credit card or paypal, which will only be charged when I complete an illustration. at first, this will be at most once a month, but the frequency can increase if you help me reach funding goals.

here are the rewards: $1 gets you access to the exclusive feed, $15 gets you a pokemon sketch of your choice every update, $30 gets you that sketch sent to you in the mail, and $60 lets you pick one pokemon a month to be drawn completely out of order!!

if you wanna see this project revive, please consider helping! thank you!

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i’ve gotten a few asks about paypal donate buttons, and this patreon has the same effect! even if you don’t care about pokemon, any kind of support helps me, my webcomic, and assorted other things i assume you follow me for. thanks C:

also if you have simple commission ideas (portraits, busts, standing around), feel free to email me: machobrat at gmail.



Select Your Character

I cannot stop laughing at pikachu jesusshc




Hyalophora cecropia



everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass

i honestly didn’t know what this was referring to so i just assumed that tumblr was filled with a community of disgruntled fishers smh

I made my husband this reference chart a zillion years ago for Wild World, he never did find a coelacanth :C



Tarantulas. I think this covers all the bases. Thanks to the BBC.

I love this! I just wish these types of things were more specific about the 12” thing; only one genus of three species grows that big and the average is closer to 9-10”. It’s not indicative of how large every member of the entire family grows, especially since most common pet species are 4-5”. It’s like saying a human weighs as much as the largest recorded gorilla (510 pounds, unless you count obese ones in captivity).




My most recent plush project, Archeops! It’s a project I bought fabric for many years ago and just never got around to making, but it ended up benefiting from being put off so long because late last year I got a new sewing machine that’s capable of embroidery and not jamming every few stitches.

It measures roughly 20 inches long and 19 inches wide and is made of minky with flannel claws and machine embroidered face and line details. There’s no posable armature, but to my personal delight it can still be propped up on its wings. :)

It’s currently up for auction on my sewing sales livejournal! It’s one of a kind- I will never make this specific Archeops again!

DANG Norks this plush is amazing…!!! I love love LOVE all the details you put into it. That face is to die for ;_; I don’t normally like Archeops much but there’s something in this plush that is making me have second thoughts haha.

I wish you the best in selling it, I hope it goes to a lovely collector’s home!!!

What a lovely plush! I really want an embroidery sewing machine, what one have you got?

That is absolutely GORGEOUS and I’m intensely envious of both your skills and whoever ends up buying it @w@


Shiny Ditto Encounter


Shiny Ditto Encounter